Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hey! That's MY face!

I have many sins and my favorite one is vanity. I take and make selfportraits and publish them online, in my different photo galleries.

And it's outrageously annoying to find them used in different places.

One of my favorite selfs is the clown. It's my favorite and universal avatar, too. Blogger included. And

Now let's trace it down the internet!

Exhibit (1):

I could never understand people who use other faces as personal avatars. Don't you have your own bloody face? An identity of your own?

I showed the faceless missy a royal middle finger and explained not so nicely that taking photos from an online exhibition of self fuckin portraits (as she herself innocently claimed) should trigger in her not so developped brain a signal... could it be, could it possibly be that this is not stock photography, but the different faces of an actual person? Who might become very pissed to see her own face and nose in somebody else's avatar?

Exhibit (2): Oh My God mix album cover of repie FP DJ

OMG indeedy.

First of all I am appalled that someone could make such an incredibly tasteless mess out of my face. What's with the yelow skin and the 6 on my nose? What am I? A snooker ball?

Secondly, I have some issues with having my face used without my permission IN ANY FREAKING PLACE.

Thirdly I am deeply sorry to find myself associated with such incredibly bad music.

Nobody heard of this kind of Creative Commons license?!

So. What to do? Smack a huge watermark "IT'S MINE, ALL MINE" on all of my photos? Stop publishing photos online? Start a "save the copyrights of selfportraits" campaign?

What would you do?

Exhibit (1) courtesy of Cip
Exhibit (2) courtesy of Calatorul (dude, whatta hell were you doing on that site?!)


  1. Got bored so I was google-ing the ppl I know. That's what I was doing on that site.

  2. eu cred ca poti sa-i dai linistita in judecata pe aia si cu banii primiti sa faci o calatorie in jurul lumii

  3. Prima chestie e sa scrii site-urilor respective si sa probezi ca poza e a ta. O sa-i futa instant:)

  4. 1. site-ul unde isi mediatizeaza ala albumul e faulty - nu pot sa ma inregistrez, nu pot sa comentez.

    2. site-ul deejay-ului nu are absolut nici o forma de contact.

  5. La aia cu dj-ul, s-ar putea să nu fie dj-ul vinovat, ci Gigi ăla de graphic artist de i-a făcut coperţile, şi a luat poza de pe net fără greţuri. Albumul ăla n-are o casă de discuri ceva, cu care să poţi discuta?

    Xavier Galliot

  7. Always check DJ/Musicians/etc.'s profiles on MySpace, FaceBook etc.


  8. Exista legea copyright-ului (LEGE nr.8 din 14 martie 1996) iti poti scoate o gramada de bani din utilizarile ilegale de fotografii.

    Eu una am facut-o de foarte multe ori - functioneaza!


  9. Internetul e un loc mult prea mic. Pe petrvs il stiu de pe forumul radio guerrilla. Da. Mic loc. Foarte mic.

  10. Stii ce o sa fac o data, cand o sa am timp?

    O harta-grafic a micului nostru cosm. Eu te stiu pe tine de acolo, tu pe Petrvs de dincolo, eu pe Petrvs.... (damn, de unde?!), samd. O sa fie o chestie virala interesanta. Astept chiar sugestii, cum sa o centralizam

    ...daca nu cumva asa ceva exista deja :-)

  11. Cineva a avut răbdarea să facă şi aşa ceva:

    Dar sunt excluse mijoloacele de comunicare 1.0, gen forumuri.