Sunday, June 08, 2008

a dime / time to spare

- got a dime?
- bugger off.
- take my picture?
- ok. lose the bottle.
- no. with the bottle.
- let me see. :-) don't delete it, ok?
- ok.


  1. The One who is hoping his Dad will finally die tomorrow5:36 PM, June 10, 2008

    Ah, have a drink with him, poor nihilistic urchin. We all die, some just choose to accelerate it. Tragedy needs company. I am readdressing my mail to the gutter as we speak..

  2. god. it was pepsi :-P

    and tragedy knows how to swim.

  3. Be careful what you wish, you jut might get it6:31 PM, June 12, 2008

    I got my wish yesterday. Interesting emotion carousel this one