Friday, December 26, 2008

wonder shining star

Made after this song:

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I have 1000 faces

Concert: Spiritual Front & Rome in Brasov

More photos

Sunday, November 09, 2008

wanna make up?

Falling for you

Catch me or take a pretty damn good picture.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So long, hair!

Model and hair owner (but not for long.... *evil grin*): Hartagramz

Featured soundtrack: ofc, Hair: Let the sunshine in (Army of Lovers version)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

parasuicide / shooting myself

and again

Sorry about the intrusive copyright thingy, I've been having repeated copyright troubles

Monday, October 13, 2008

Expo @ Museo

Sunday, October 12, 2008

feline feeling


Thursday, October 09, 2008

Hey! That's MY face!

I have many sins and my favorite one is vanity. I take and make selfportraits and publish them online, in my different photo galleries.

And it's outrageously annoying to find them used in different places.

One of my favorite selfs is the clown. It's my favorite and universal avatar, too. Blogger included. And

Now let's trace it down the internet!

Exhibit (1):

I could never understand people who use other faces as personal avatars. Don't you have your own bloody face? An identity of your own?

I showed the faceless missy a royal middle finger and explained not so nicely that taking photos from an online exhibition of self fuckin portraits (as she herself innocently claimed) should trigger in her not so developped brain a signal... could it be, could it possibly be that this is not stock photography, but the different faces of an actual person? Who might become very pissed to see her own face and nose in somebody else's avatar?

Exhibit (2): Oh My God mix album cover of repie FP DJ

OMG indeedy.

First of all I am appalled that someone could make such an incredibly tasteless mess out of my face. What's with the yelow skin and the 6 on my nose? What am I? A snooker ball?

Secondly, I have some issues with having my face used without my permission IN ANY FREAKING PLACE.

Thirdly I am deeply sorry to find myself associated with such incredibly bad music.

Nobody heard of this kind of Creative Commons license?!

So. What to do? Smack a huge watermark "IT'S MINE, ALL MINE" on all of my photos? Stop publishing photos online? Start a "save the copyrights of selfportraits" campaign?

What would you do?

Exhibit (1) courtesy of Cip
Exhibit (2) courtesy of Calatorul (dude, whatta hell were you doing on that site?!)

Monday, October 06, 2008

off for a quiet pint (and 10 noisy ones)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

my best friends

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Cum am cazut din tren

Ma nimerisem iar in ultimul vagon.

Stateam la coada trenului si ma uitam la calea ferata din urma. Am aprins o tigara (dupa ce i-am cerut un foc na┼čului - aveam bricheta in buzunar, dar mi-am oferit o aprobare tacita a autoritatii in felul asta) si m-am rezemat de usa deschisa, cu ochii-n tufisuri si pietrele din terasament.

Ma gandeam cum ar fi sa te arunci din tren, nu de bunavoie, ca asta ar implica o doaga lipsa si o viguroasa coada de jackass. Sa te arunci in ciuda vointei tale si contrar instinctului de conservare; pentru ca trebuie.

Stateam si incercam sa ma conving sa sar. Imi faceam scenarii elaborate: cum sa cad, ce sa aleg sa imi rup, e mai bine sa aterizez in tufis sau pe iarba, sa astept oare un pod... Sa sar in picioare sau in cap? Hell, mie mi-e frica sa sar si in bazin si ma gandesc cum sa sar mai artistic din tren.

In timp ce luam notite cu senzatiile pe telefon, m-am gandit "daca imi scapa telefonul, dupa ce am scris atat, chiar ca sar dupa el". Ma pregateam sa arunc tigara, cand langa mine a aparut brusc cineva. M-am speriat, am scapat tigara, am crezut ca mi-a scapat telefonul, m-am dezechilibrat, m-am agatat de bara, trenul s-a balanganit ca o caruta pe sine si m-am trezit ca nu mai am nimic sub talpi. Bara mi-a alunecat (desi cred ca in exces de fatalitate i-am dat eu drumul) si nu ma puteam gandi decat "unde am stabilit ca e mai bine sa cad?!"

Am sters in zbor o tufa care mi-a taiat fata si mainile. In cadere ma lovisem cu glezna de platforma usii care mi-a deviat traiectoria altfel destul de curba intr-un zigzag neregulat spre pietrele din terasament. Am vazut rotile trenului (mi-am adus evident aminte de ce face trenul tzaca-tzaca) apropiindu-se de nasul meu deja zgariat de tufa si m-am lovit cu teasta de o traversa de lemn (din reflex, ma ghemuisem si m-am rostogolit ca un arici crispat pe sina. Noroc ca era ultimul vagon). Am auzit o trosnitura si m-am rasturnat ca un hopa mitica peste cap cu picioarele in sant, unde am ramas cu mainile si picioarele undeva pe langa mine, imprastiate, ca ingerii de zapada.

Ma durea totul atat de tare, incat nu ma mai durea nimic. Nu cred ca stricasem vreun organ major pe dinauntru, dar sigur imi rupsesem coloana. Nu puteam decat sa clipesc. Nu prea puteam sa expir, desi aveam aer. Probabil se rupsese si o coasta, care perforase un plaman. Cu eforturi de Atlas miscand pamantul, am dus ochii cat am putut de in jos. Si mi s-a facut si mai rau. Din piept imi iesea o bucata dintr-un macaz ruginit. Plamanul mi-a intrat in colaps si mi-au aparut vignete negre care se ingustau din ce in ce mai tare in jurul punctului fix de pe cer.

Tocmai cand ma gandeam "sper ca a facut cineva poze la faza asta", langa mine a aparut brusc un individ care mi-a cerut un foc, si-a aprins ultima tigara, apoi a azvarlit pachetul gol pe usa deschisa. Javra. M-am enervat si l-am impins din tren. Din pacate, a cazut cu tot cu telefonul meu, asa ca n-am avut cu ce sa fac poze.

Monday, September 01, 2008



Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm a joker I'm a smoker I'm a midnight toker

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The end of the rainbow

Well, an era ends. After swaying between black and white, yellow, blue and red,

clowning around hypnotized The shame, the crying shame!! pick one

.... I have stumbled back into normality. A brown one, quite close to my god-given, long-forgotten, duly-chemically processed color. Ofc, the nose is real.

smee again

But not for long (evil green grin)...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blah. Back.

Generators, Deine Lakaien

Friday, August 08, 2008

Acum un an

Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007
Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007
Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007
Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007Sziget 2007

Acum un an mergeam la Sziget.

In ordinea thumburilor: luminarium, Tinariwen (thank you very mutch and velcome to zee desert), Skinny Puppy, Sziget 2007 line up, Balaton grill, Manu Chao, Skinny Puppy, mud people, highlander prick, banana (tot la Balaton grill), coafura rezista, Main stage, goth chick, boney, ambient tent craving, green, bungee, ambient tent lust, still green, blue.

vezi si slideshow

Out for holiday. Sfinte Stefane, vin.

P.S. stay tuned for - coming right up