Monday, September 24, 2007

Best Sunday in donkey's years

It so happened that yesterday proved me that even I can have a good day, an option long erased from my to-do list.

But yesterday it just happened. The sun shining like crazy, the sky so blue I felt like an alien.

No music in my ears, started to make googly eyes at the people around, who suddenly came to life.

First corner: bump into a big fat kinda ugly rocker mom. Next to her - the sweetest thing: a little rocker to be, less than half my age, dressed by the book - stretch jeans, baggy black T-shirt, belt chain, earrings and long hair. In my time, boys never looked like this. :-/

Next corner, bus stop. Earthly discovery: even nuns have sharp elbows when it comes to getting a seat in the bus. My ribs felt blessed. My heart skipped a beat. I stood awe stricken.

PS. the best turn on... off... on best uncategorized turn of the morning: finding on the pillow hairs belonging to women of different colors and lengths.

Leading to... Yesterday's quote: "You see, they say that people shrivel up because they have an imagination. So, don't imagine anything, you'll become brave as hell."

What will our contestant do? Behind which door lies sheer bliss?

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