Thursday, August 23, 2007

Of all the idiotic ideas

^This^ tops' em all.

- boredom period kicks in with every approaching birthday;
- must find surrogates for real changes;
- exhausted all mild possibilities: tattoo - check; hair color - check; nose piercing - check; eyebrow piercing - finally, check that too;
- must hurt myself to see if i still feel?;
- (self) mutilation will do just fine;
- conclusion: my common sense decreases with age. It's sad to make such discoveries about your own self. I must have a shitload of supressed frustrations i'm trying to cover up.

Is there a Freud in the house?

Facts about tongue piercing:
- hurts like hell.
- hurts like fuckin' hell.
- the whole thingy takes about 2 min.
- the pain dwells on and on.
- last solid food ingested: 4 days ago.
- thank god for blenders.
- mispronouncing T's, S's, Ch's.
- getting more and more spiritualized by every apple sipped through a straw. Idiocy comes with a price prize.
- taking turns in feeling like Demostenes, while babbling on the beach, with a mouthful of pebbles and like a big toothless baby drooling uncontrollably.
- surpassed hunger. Working on how to quit breathing, too.
- ouch.
- slaps forehead.


  1. If it don't hurt, it ain't done properly

  2. mai vrei sugestii? am vazut la sziget un baietel care avea limba despicata in doua. just for fun :P

  3. foarte dragut :P

    dar nu de idei duc lipsa, ci de frână in aplicarea lor :))

  4. I see :-D
    I hope you learnt the lesson ;-)
    Hey, i'm getting older too, but there are other ways of overcoming that!
    For example: making the clown

    Nice blog, i'll pop by again; just invite me to some coffee next time!

  5. I feel the same sometime, especially not when I'm near my 30s. But shooting more does the trick. Also, a sudden and whole shift of my career helped a lot ;)

  6. No pain, no gain !...but look on the bright side..mega happy boyfriend, brilliant blowjobs :)!!!!..lucky guy :)..