Saturday, June 17, 2006

Sunday photographer.. and Saturday night expo

I might be a bit annoying, but I am happy. And pleased. It's a happy pleased satisfied smiley face I'm seeing in the mirror.

So here goes. If you take the road less travelled by and wander by La Scena tonight, do come in. Me and the guys will be prancing around like peacocks.

In case photo expos scare/bore/annoy you to death, here's some background reference to sweeten the pill ;-)
external link 1 and 2 (thanx, guys)

I'll be the one smiling like a stuffed chesshire cat :-P

PS: the quote of the day: vanity... my favorite sin


  1. You do great work, and maybe this is just the beginning of a new path for you. It's funny how life works sometimes... things that seemingly happen for no apparent reason suddenly seem meaningful as you look back on them.

    I do miss our conversations, very much, but I'm glad you went off in a new direction.

    Congrats on the exhibit, again. And I do wish I could be there.

  2. instead of coming closer to greenwich, you keep going further :) .. that ain't no way to do a good chat :))

    you're the sweetest, Ed, always caring and nice (those libras ;-) )

  3. instead of coming closer to greenwich, you keep going further

    I'm working my way toward it... just going the other way around to get there :-P

    "Nice"? hmm... don't we finish last? :-/

    But I do mean it... you have a gift, and you're getting the chance to explore it. I'm happy for you that you're getting the recognition you deserve. I like waving watched your Flickr fanbase grow... even though I don't know what people are writing sometimes :-(

  4. um... not "waving"... "having" watched... :-P

    Kinda takes on a whole different meaning if you read it the other way, though ;-)

    had to delete that last one... got my tags mixed up. Not good considering I spent the past week updating my website :-P

  5. haha :D "waving back" - been there. good job. But the previous one contained more information or do i remember wrong?

  6. More information?

    Mmmm... the writing is basically the same, but I took out some print materials and added a few more websites and illustrations from a while ago.

    Don't forget to email me and tell me how the show went :)

  7. Congratulations Zeeny !
    I'm very happy for you and would really love to see the exhibit ! Doubtless your work will be noticed and your fans, even more under your spell :-)
    Let us know how it turns out.

  8. Thank you, J. it was a very useful and pleasant experience. I'll be waiting for the guys to post photos from the event (i obviously took none :)) and link to them from here ;-)

  9. from afar? why? come closer :)

  10. errrmm... ok! dry out before getting near the photos? :)

  11. I see you're lestining to Lake of tears? interesting list, have you tried (lady rosenred) from crimson cosmos album, it's an interesting song i like it.

  12. I know it and I like the beginning very much, but I think that it tends to flatten towards the end