Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Playing around with food

a bloody battleground... the enemies' heads lay forsaken
in their own juices. ah.. sweet white death... by knife and sugar!

before the battle: group photo! everybody say.. mousse!..

just bite me and get it over with..


  1. Huh, ce culori in prima!!!! imi place.
    btw, a tecut buba lu' calculatoru'?

  2. shhhh... sa nu vorbim de cele sfinte!.. a, adica putem, ca de aici nu ne aude :)

    dupa ce am ascultat diverse sfaturi, i-am desfacut iar burta si cu mainile tremurande i-am smuls maruntaiele, adica un slot de memorie. Si de atunci nu mai crapa, desi parca e bunica - pricepe greu si uita repede.

  3. Can I share a poem of mine:


    Do not bring gold, do not bring finest brocade, bring me ruby strawberries in the apex of summer and I shall forever call you: exaltation

    Curious then, the strawberries you bring as a vain entreaty
    always look decidedly better
    than ever they taste
    the sweet juice is a momentary kiss