Wednesday, May 10, 2006


I don't really remember how was it when I first started to learn English. I was way too young and the process was extremely long, still going on , as a matter of fact. I also don't remember if I ever had any vocabulary troubles... Looking back on this learning process it seems to me now that I've known it forever (try not to crack up any age-related jokes, or i'll banish you) and that it is the easiest language in the world.

So now -when I am forcing myself to learn some German- I am compelled to wonder if
1. after a certain (which?!) age, one just cannot assimilate things that easily - so i'm doomed but it's not me
2. it IS me and i should worry and get more memory-incentives
3. this is the hardest language in the world, coming before sanskrit, hungarian and cuneiform, which are beautiful and sweet nightingale songs.

I was vainly reading some examples meant to enlighten me as regards the accusative, which we all know and love.

Example (starting from the nominative) - Der König ist klug. My first guess that it meant Regele e tuns chilug (the king is a skinhead - word pun), was shattered by the fact that Die Königin ist schön (the queen is beautiful), so definitely she would not have chosen a bald king (since this german-learning sounds so sci-fi, that it is only natural we should stay in the fairytale area).

So I ask my good friend Leo and look... and what do I find? that our good and fairy king is actually not bald, but clever, diplomatic, shrewd, intelligent, wise, canny, and above all, able** and cute. And all in one word!! And I had thought English was synthetic... Which brings me to a dilemma: if German is so bloody synthetic, why do we have concoctions such as Jungefrauenzimmerdurchschwindsuchttoedtungs-gegenverein?

I'm at a loss of words. And suffocated with indignation. So I'll throw in a couple of photos, scraped from the bottom of the Easter vacation album..

**which reminds me of a joke: Abel had a son. Cain had none. Why didn't Cain have a son?
Because he wasn't .. Able :)

PS. just in case you are wondering about the title, try this


  1. German is soo complicated! :/

  2. Who am I to make age-related jokes? :-/

    Nice ice cream photo, btw. Thanks >:D

  3. german is and beautiful and good. do not push back zeeny from the acomplishment of her life :)

  4. eu ma consolez cu ideea ca daca am fi invatat germana in clasa a 2-a, si daca chiar chiar era destinul meu sa invat germana se lipea de mine fara atatea lacrimi si suspine. acu inteleg de ce urla till lindeman...

  5. da.. e foarte ciudat.. engleza .. ca pe apa, franceza, fluiera si ea binisor, spaniola, dupa franceza, n-a pus nici o problema, hindi-ul a fost o diversiune fun, araba si chineza mai putin fun, dar acolo chiar n-are rost sa ma plang, oricum n-as gasi compasiune.. doar la germana imi place sa ma vaicaresc.. asa, doar ca sa enervez publicul.

    Ce lacrimi si suspine? Eu personal ma tavalesc de ras cand ma uit la mine vs. deutschgrammatikbuch

    ps. crezi ca till urla de durere? o fi painful si sa o vorbesti, nu doar sa o inveti?! :-O

  6. a treia poza: iete un raspuns dragut la o dilema a oamenilor de mii de ani, oul sau gaina? sau : gaina sau oul? sau : gaina si oul deodata? sau invers?!... :)

  7. Regele e tuns chilug

    Prea tare. :))

    Si eu is in aceeasi situatie..
    Ma chinui sa invat germana cu toate cuvintele kilometrice...
    Si simt de parca stiu engleza de cand m-am nascut. :))

    Faza cu Hottentottenstottertrottelmutterlattengitterkotterbeutelrattenattentater am primit pe mail si de-atunci e o idee cat de simpla e germana in clasa mea; facem germana la scoala! :))