Saturday, April 08, 2006

Europa ne priveste.. cu 2 bilete la pret de 1

Mugind impotriva musamalizarii mismasurilor. Plus 2 banane.

Ici canta el. (see large version for details)

"Adevar"(truth) spells R(ig) Veda backwards.

Stop discriminating poor Yogi bears!


  1. MISA is right. No one should stop Yogi bears eat bananas from our picnic baskets. And HE must sing until the bald lady cries (and maybe after that too).

    Blogspot words aren't real words, are they? What's bnxvcdn, ha? Is it an acronym meaning "buy now xavier virtual condoms diseminating nothingness"?

  2. Actually it's the short version of a poem.. an acrostic:

    Before you uttered any word
    No sound of man must have been heard, just
    Xylophones sang, danced and wound
    Void air gently into sound,
    Caressing hearing and heart.
    Do never think that you can ever part
    No man from what is bound.


  3. oh? eu imi storc creierii la 12 noaptea sa fac versuri spontane and all i get is oh? :P :))

  4. funi poza cu yogi si comentariu.