Sunday, April 09, 2006

La pas prin Bucuresti #2

twisted vision or the all-seeing eye (of the surveillance camera)

enjoy your.. coffee? oranges? copyrights?

3 si 1/2 la Stavropoleos

unghiuri obtuze si culori deloc difuze

shhh.. put out the lights.. don't wake the sleeping ones

duete de Craciun

It's a wrap-up. Everybody go home!

La pas prin Bucuresti #1


pour les messieurs et les dames

no daffodil for this Narcissus

the worlds beyond

lock behind bars

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Russian Matrioshka Domes

Aglomerare yogi nespontana

Crooked policeman

Si s-au dus...

It's supposed to face the public..

Jandarmeria, coruptia si legea din Bacau

Europa ne priveste.. cu 2 bilete la pret de 1

Mugind impotriva musamalizarii mismasurilor. Plus 2 banane.

Ici canta el. (see large version for details)

"Adevar"(truth) spells R(ig) Veda backwards.

Stop discriminating poor Yogi bears!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Heavenly Smile

I love mythologies. So far I have been around only complex elaborate polytheistical ones like those of Europe and India. I'm reading now "The StoryTeller"/ "El Hablador"/ "Povestasul" by Mario Vargas Llosa, who, without being a great writer or one with very recognizable features or literary personality, manages to approach here with great skill and on two different voices and viewpoints, the universe of an amazonian tribe, the machiguengas. One half of the book has an almost documentary approach, while the other voice speaking belongs to a story teller, a character very much appreciated and revered by the indians, as he was not only the news provider, bringing along stories of other tribes, he was the sage that told legends of the gods and the ways of nature and of life, and he was the depositary of the secrets of the machiguengas. A minstrel and a confessor equally, that bound together the sparse families in the jungle.

Most of the stories are about Kashiri, the Moon, the Sun's father, a somewhat demonical presence, whom the machiguengas honor even more than the sun. In the 20th century Peru they still travelled continuously so as not to spoil the fragil equilibrium of the world. Just as the sun and moon keep coming and going, so must they wander about, away from the Christian missionaries with their Bibles translated in machiguenga and the white men that bleed the rubber trees and the small planes that bring fully clothed men with cameras and films and microphones and teach them about money and jobs and Jesus and the modern world.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"Are you talking to the motorcycle again?"

Buenos Aires is behind us
behind is as also the miserable life
the faculty, the exams and the dissertations that make you sleepy
Before us lies all of Latin America
From now on we will only trust in "La Poderosa"
I wish you could see us. We look like adventurersand inspire admiration and envy everywhere

"Go Mial. Assume aerodynamic road position"

"C'mon baby, don't fail me baby.C'mon, c'mon"

"What happened Mial?!"

I'm glad to have left behind civilization, and be closer to the earth

and just in case you have no idea what's this all about:

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

i wish i was a rock in a japanese garden

lying on the ground
waiting for that gentle rain -
apricot blossoms

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Flickr Meet, baby! :)

update: amateur photographers are more fun than professional bloggers small groups are better