Friday, February 03, 2006

Orion's Belt and Sword

.... , as seen on New Year's night.. I could watch it from my bed..

The constellation of Orion is said to be in the shape of a man with a wide hunter's belt round his middle and a great sword hanging from his belt. The dog star, Sirius is at his heel and follows him.

Orion was a huge, strong and very beautiful man who was a famous hunter. He always went hunting with his faithful dog Sirius and together he killed all the wild animals on the Greek island of Chios. He fell in love with the Goddess Artemis.

Artemis was also falling in love with Orion but Apollo, her brother was jealous of this infatuation [..gods....]. So when Orion was swimming well out to sea, Apollo tricked Artemis by betting her that she couldn't hit a far off speck in the sea. She shot an arrow and hit the speck, only to find that it was Orion's head sticking up out of the sea and she had killed him. She was so upset that she set him in the stars forever with Sirius (the dog star) at his heels.

Non-Greek versions of Orion

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  1. Orion e prima constelatie care imi sare in ochi cind am posibilitatea sa vad stelele, dupa care urmeaza Casiopeea. Ultima oara le-am vazut saptamina trecuta, la munte. La Parigi nu prea se vad, e prea multa lumina, doar constelatii sclipitoare de becuri de la avioane :)

    Aparte: am avut astronomia la bac ...