Saturday, February 18, 2006

A match "made in heaven"

The King...

...and Queen

later edit: and the Lizzard King


  1. hello Zeeny, thanks for dropping by on my blog, i am about to close it.
    nice photos you got there (as always), hope things are ok at your side, please pass my regards to all of my friends if any stopped by.

  2. I had that Jim Morrison poster on my wall when I was about 15.

  3. i will have this poster on my wall as soon as i print this extra-large :D (for one reason or another i could never find it around here :-( )

    Gee, don't be a stranger ;-)

  4. I tried for so long not to be, but i am now.
    I had a poster for Gldorak on my wall till i was around 15, then i replaced it with dire straits :)