Sunday, February 05, 2006

I'm it!

A-leece tagged me.

This sounds like one of those notebooks we used to have in secondary school (what‘s your favorite singer? When did you first kiss a boy? And who was it??) This should be fun..

Four jobs I've had: hm... jobs?! this is not fun at all.. How should I put it to make it sound less.. lame? Ok. I know. Make it sound like I really don’t care about my career because I am a bohemian soul who only works for a living and not for pleasure. And what do you know? It’s very close to the truth. So here goes:

  • First money-producing activity: in college I’ve been a tutor.. teaching English, French and Romanian literature. This also produced, besides enough money to spend on holidays, considerable amounts of white hairs and a holocaust of dead neurons. I am not yet sure who is more irritating and tiresome: a 10-year old bouncing around or an 18-year old (bouncing around). I know. 20 of those. In English camp. But that was not a job, I stupidly volunteered to monitor. Doesn’t count. Next!
  • Translator for a medical foundation – after 1 month I was specialized in diabetes’ diets and I could name any god-forgotten herb or vegetable. In two languages. Romanian was not one of them – I had absolutely no idea what those people ate – and from what planet.
  • My third and present job is .. ahem.. something to do with intellectual property, foreign relations and extensive translating. Not a real name for it. Not a real job either, I’d say.

Four movies I can watch over and over:

Four places I've lived – kindly see this post (that should help me save face… :-/ )

Four TV shows I love – what’s a TV show? Oh.. I see a-leece said Friends.. If that counts as one, then yesss, that’s it (btw. I got the whoooole 10 season collection. :-D )

Four places I've vacationed: (oh dear, I won’t rub in La Coste d’Azur and the Maldives.. that should make you feel uncomfortable.. I’ll keep it local)

  • Every single summer I go at least once in Vama Veche. It’s got nothing to do with the place in itself.. but more with a spiritual trip. It’s a bug. A flower power thing. Other locations:
  • A couple of mountains – my fav would be Fagaras and I swear I’ll never go to Ciucas ever again.
  • Abroad… I’ll have to mention Berlin.
  • And I really-really must go back to Croatia, on vacation this time! Zee greatest snorkeling waters (try archive for more impressions)

Four of my favorite dishes:

  • cheese on toast + glass of cold milk or hot linden tea
  • fruit salad with walnuts, yoghurt, cinnamon and cheese
  • mushroom soup with toast and cheese (it’s getting repetitive somehow)
  • occasionally cheese

Four sites I visit daily:

  • Flickr
  • Deviant Art
  • Euractiv (I have to give the impression I do care about what’s going on in this world)
  • OAMI (it is not an option)
  • (And thank god I finally got Spymac out of my system)

Four places I would rather be right now (this will take long):

  • Zadar, under the fig tree
  • Some 1700 km West
  • Sicily
  • A sauna.. and/or a pool
  • A month back.. or ahead :)
  • In the right seat, enjoying the ride
  • Picking blueberries at Barcaciu
  • Out, building a snowman (you know, they fall from heaven unassembled)

Four bloggers I am tagging:




Edit: if the kid wants to play, I could not possibly leave him behind - also tagging ri14

PS. I stink at this game..


  1. That was interesting.

    In a way I'm glad for you that you aren't wasting time at Spymac anymore... I'm there less and less, mostly to keep in touch with a few people via notes.

    A very nice girl started a 'bon voyage' blog entry for me, which was sweet. :-)

    Still, it is a little sad... like not meeting your friends for a long, lazy Sunday breakfast anymore.

    Speaking of friends, the 'Friends' collection thing surprised me a little :-/

    I promise to do a list, perhaps tonite... but right now it's off to see the sights (and smell the smells :-X ) of Beverly Hills and maybe Hollywood. Pics and blog entries coming soon.

    And since we may not see each other around Spymac anymore, let me know (via email... I think you have my one) how to keep in touch ;-) Or maybe contact me thru Flickr?

    BTW... you didn't answer the "When did you first kiss a boy? And who was it?" question >:-D

  2. Eddie, on which continent are you?! Weren't you supposed to be.. there already?

    How is dear old spymac, btw?... Still limping? I miss my gallery.. and our games.. and your zen thread...

  3. I am in LA right now. Not as exciting as I thought, but at least it's not snowing.

    Spymac is dull, uninteresting and overrun with teenage boys. Kind of like my high school was :-/

    I was just saying today how the member forum (yes, mine in particular) was a great way to bring people together who had some things in common, or at least were witty and could have some fun.

    And yes the Zen thread... where we first met, I believe ;-)

    Sadly, I fear that Spymac brought some cool people together, then, because money talks, scattered all these pilgrims by taking away all the features that brought them together.

    I mean, is posting a picture of your computer setup the new porn? People actually post pictures to see who has the biggest dock. :-P

    Still, it would be nice to bump into you and exchange witty banter in some thread... just to generally confuse people with 2 and 3 syllable words >:D

  4. ooooooh... me me me me... pick me... meeeeeeeeee ... why not meee? :,(

  5. " got the whoooole 10 season collection"

    DVD or VHS??? ;)

  6. heh.. actually CDs (i've had them for almost 2 years now..) and you're right.. i should do some DVD burnin'

  7. Ha, te dai pe sit la OHMI (OAMI or whatever)?
    Uite poze din orasul mamei lui OHMI, nu-i departe de locsorul acela frumos felinare, Mercedes si Gabo :)

  8. :) le-am vazut de cand au fost postate.. poate ajung si eu pe acolo anul asta.. deh.. ne cere integrarea.. :-/

  9. Hai ca nu e chiar asa de rau, macar te plimbi. O sa vezi, oras urit plin de viata :)

  10. cat de curand draga mea, de indata ce trece fericirea :)