Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Happy thoughts : Achoo!!!

I have a cold.

It's nothing serious, I'm still working at approx. 80% of the normal capacity. The most poignant feeling is that the whole head is sunken into a bucket of molasses mixed with cotton balls.. and that the sinuses are stuffed with one sock each :)

All day I've been sneezing. For the first couple of times it's quite fun.. oh.. it's tickling, starting from the forehead, sliding down the nose, a hop, skip and a jump and here it comes! ....... bless you!

After the 10th time the fun somehow seems to diminish, especially when you misplace your paper tissues.

After 3 hours of driving the co-workers crazy with bless you's and gesundheit's it's becoming utterly annoying. The contents (whatever those are) of the skull crash everytime against the walls like a wave of liquid honey and barely settled with gentle and muffled splashes, here it comes again, a-a-a' chu! :-| damn it.

Some of the ugliest times to be sneezing (some of which experienced today):
  • while peeing (darn, that's an experience)
  • right after applying the mascara (and right after wiping it off the whole upper part of the face because the cotton ball tickles :D )
  • while coughing or blowing your nose ... where are those damn hankies anyway?
  • while having a shot at the hospital, right when the assistant sticks a long needle into your ass
  • while on the dentist's chair... >:) .. preferably during a delicate intervention
  • during Madame Butterfly's aria
  • got more? :D .. indulge me.. make me laugh. ease my pain.


  1. ... when you get a passport photo taken. Then you have to sneeze every time you cross a border check point :-)


  2. :)) da! excelent momentul. beats mine.
    multumesc.. incepe sa bata in retragere. making fun at it seems to have worked.

  3. while driving...my eyes just close against my will....someday I'll f* smash my car

    never sneezed while peeing....it must be fun :D

  4. ...I'm Dieies :P

  5. Cu prima situatie din listã ai fost colosalã!! - Noroc!!...sã dea Dumnezeu!

  6. haha.. thx. got a new one:

    la manichiura, cand individa e adancita intr-o activitate foarte migaloasa de miniaturizat pe unghiile mele.. >:)