Thursday, December 01, 2005

Romania's National Day, Dec. 1st, celebrated in front of the National Theater in Bucharest. Despite the rain, people came to see the lights and fireworks (more about that later), to listen to some music, see people sing and dance (no, it was not Gene Kelly) and... that was about it.


  1. Happy National Day (did I say that correctly?)

    Did you have fun?

  2. I guess.. what do you say on 4th July? Many happy returns? :) (i always said they should have planned the independence and whole big united Romania thingy some time in july or so.. back in 1918 :D )

    Fun?! Oh, the funniest part was me trying to dodge raindrops while taking pics :))

    oh, and the hot bailey's mokka coffee after (yummm)!

  3. Mannn, I missed this event.
    I can't be called a patriot anymore.

  4. Why would one want to see fireworks rather than water-works? Why is rain less than fire?

    It is okay if it rains. Yes it is.