Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Not-so happy thoughts: Holiday Sneer

I considered carefully the situation and concluded that I have been neglecting my English-speaking public. Not that you co-nationals don't speak English, but I am talking about the rest that had not the chance to understand my brilliant past emanations in that beautiful and quasi erudite Romance language which is Romanian (and it is, too!) So this is a post infused and oozing with holiday spirit. Gee, try to catch up ;-)

It's Christmas. Well, almost. And the holiday cheer is so bloody cheerful and omnipresent. I already don't see the lights in the streets - grew too accustomed to them already, and I am sick of carolers who come like moths to a lamp to my nicely decorated entrance. Speaking of which, one night my seal was particularly angry at one of the carolers. I stuck my head out the window and I could not believe my eyes! There he was - the Ghost of Christmas Past, shaggy, rugged and smelly- the garbage man- oops, sorry, the salubrity engineer.
Do you want to hear a carol, lady?" And damn it, I said no. I should have said yes and listened to the man. Who knows? Maybe the tobacco whiff and the beer smell would have actually brought some Xmas cheer. Maybe he was not just waiting for me to give him money. Maybe he would have preferred some fresh apples and hot strudel, or some Christmas cake and a glass of wine, in exchange for - I have no doubt in my heart- a very beautiful winter carol long studied and carefully chosen, sung in a tenor voice. And even a mezzo-soprano voice if my silly dog would have gotten its teeth in his .. tuner. Bloody beggars!...

But the carolers are something I can cope with. What really makes me sad are the Santas. Not the plump rosy-cheeked high-spirited (speaking of spirits, i could kill for some mulled wine right now) traditional and
real Santa... but the little gnomes that pose as Santa.

It brings me nothing if not sheer grief and suffering, mixed with a tinge of repulsion and pity to go at the local store to buy ... (i lack a word here, what do you usually
buy?) ..say, ... wine! And I have to face a shop assistant with a sorrow-ass attitude and frustrated with poor wages and nobody to come home to for Christmas -or every other night for that matter-, who is wearing a Santa hat over her grayish peroxidated frizz hair and baggy eyes and upside-down smile - that's enough Grinch to steal my Christmas!...

Or when I come home from work and I have to slalom between the fake Santas who hand out flyers for god-knows-what.. and when I see some skinny girl shaking in the cold with red trembling fingers shoving into my hand some piece of paper ad, with a red loose Santa outfit over her street clothes and her backpack, looking like a red hunchback, that's more of a reason to bloody hate the way all fairy tales turn into opportunities to sell and all things nice just go .. ordinary.

No wishes. Not yet. I'm going huntin' for some cheer.

later edit: the spirit is getting to me. i just found this template here and i love it :D.


  1. Thank you for considering your English-speaking (only) audience... I was wondering if you had decided to be more exclusive.

    Well, it sounds like you and I share the same bitterness (and for me, it's no big mystery) towards this holiday. For me, I have grown more indifferent and even agitated around just about all holidays (except Pi Day, of course) and even my birthday, which, most times I forget until I get an email or card.

    I do, however, have a soft spot in my otherwise hardened heart for the "lost": those who struggle with their inner devils, those with no place to go this time of year, and even those consumed with consumption (although for the latter I also feel contempt mixed in with pity).

    So this is the closest I've come to a blog entry (sorry)... just haven't had anything I considered too interesting to add to my own... I guess I just assumed everyone knew how I go kind of numb this time of year.

    And, yes, zeeny... there is a Sanity Clause :-P

  2. you have a "Pie Day"?! :-O *drooling

    darn. you said "pi".

    Are you by any chance implying something with that Clause? :P

    And trust me, if I had a snowball (which I don't, cause it just won't snow, damn it!), I would throw it into your not so stiff upper lip and melodramatic nose and would tell you to try to enjoy this last Christmas there with your family and not to be such a Grinch about it. Jeez.. you remind me of myself.. "pi day"....

  3. Melodramatic nose? :^(

    As far as the family thing... well, I'd need to chat with you further about that to give you a bigger picture ;-)

    And don't forget me next year!

  4. Hey, nice setup for your blog :) It fits the Christmas atmosphere perfectly (short of a few naked elf chicks).

    As for feeling the "holiday spirit", you two and all the other cry-babies out there should remember this is also the Santa Clause season.

    So you go and have a good hunt :)

  5. Sheesh, Pk, there are more elated things than food in life. And I haven't seen any yuletide hunks on your site either. (Cool music btw, I occasionally go to sleep listening to it.. not while reading!!) :P

  6. Well i didn't assume you were to eat the Santas, just blast'em full of holes. You know, good, clean family fun.

    As for my background music, i never thought of it. I'll se what can be arranged.

    PS Add a picture of a bottle to that chick (:)) and you got the meaning of life :D

  7. I think I finally found what you were lookin' for. I get the Tokai, you ..what's left :P

    And leave the music as it is :)

  8. You're so easy. And fast, too :P

  9. Speaking of your blogroll. Paste the code from your old tamplate without the < li >...< /li > tags and after the each line add < br > [to move to the next raw].Just like this!
    Sorry for my bad english! :D

  10. asta era!! am banuit li-urile alea! multumex :*, am sa fac asa

  11. fast learner, of course :)

    can't object to the easy part, though.

  12. Craciun fericit alaturi de cei dragi!
    Cozonaci grasi, pocale cu vinuri alese, bucate gustoase pe masa, arginti fermecati in buzunare, sanatate si putere de munca.


  13. Usually, i would not read such a long text even if i had an exam about it next day, but i was aeked to try and catch up, so i had to...
    well i would not know about Christmas spirit, but i had a feeling that it's not like it used to be anymore, from what i see around me, we get the same feeling about Eid and Ramadan i remember it used to be different now it is only used to sell stuff.

    I cannot choose nice words the way you do, i used to do that when i was at school, now i only try to make people understand hat i wanna say.

    Best wishes everybody, Merry Christmas and Happy new year.