Sunday, December 04, 2005

morning smile

I stopped drinking coffee last year. I still like a good coffee now and then, but don't depend on it anymore to come back to life every morning. Now I drink green tea by the liter (which has almost as much caffeine but shhh.. you never heard it from me :) )

And when there's someone to have coffee with, I like it fun :D

ok, I agree, too much fun. Coffee with a smile(y), what an idea...

looks much better, 'aight? And by the way, the orange peel was an amazing idea.. damn it. I forgot the brandy ... i knew something was missing :-| Nevermind. There's always next Sunday morning :)


  1. Green tea has WHAT?

    What's going on? Is nowhere safe? Quick, bolt the windows!

    I've been swilling gallons of the stuff because it's supposed to be good for me. I mean, it MUST be good for me; it tastes awful! What is safe to drink?

  2. it is! :)) it does not have the strength of coffee and black tea and it's very healthy, despite the caffeine ;-) It has zillions of enzymes and all sorts of stuff i don't know :)
    drink away ;)

    and may i recommend to try to mix it with mint or jasmine?

  3. Yes, coffee does make for much better pictures :-D

    And for green tea: if you buy it loose and brew it in a small pot, you can reuse it a few more times, and there will be no caffeine after the first brewing. I like Special Gunpowder ;-)

    The key to not having it taste bitter is not to let it brew longer than a couple of minutes.

    You can read more about the benefits of green tea here:

  4. Green tea contains excellent anti-oxidants (cancer figthing) and while it does contain caffeine, it is not in a large amount. You will be able to find caffeine-free green tea at your local grocery store or organic food store. And Zeeny is right, adding jasmine to green tea is deelish...try using honey also instead of sugar...I brew it all the time and drink it as iced tea (I live in So Florida so it's a must :) ) and I adore it. Lipton makes a variety of green tea to which they added berries, it's just yummy!

    Bottoms up :)

  5. Brandy huh.

    Who would spoil their morning brandy by adding coffee?

  6. Fine. Next time your eyes sink into your head with the piercing throbbing pain of the ghastlyiest hangover ever, kindly have some brandy in the morning.
    And don't you come crawl and beg for coffee >:P

  7. yeah, i'm scared of hangovers too. I usually keep drinking :P