Friday, December 02, 2005


This should answer the Lektor's question at my post below regarding the supremacy of fire or water. the extraordinary quality of these 2 elements is that they put each other out (which is good in either case, since a ballance must be maintained and any form of excess is not good - take you for instance after a long walk in a drizzling cold november rain - so i'm a Gn'R fan :P - sit by a fire and it shall draw out not only the water in your clothes, but also any possible humidity in your body, and the coldness characteristic to water) ......

[please excuse me while I listen to the voice of reason in my head, yes I do have one - one voice of reason, i mean. Heads, I have more of those] Stop babbling woman, people don't care about your yinyangish mumbo jumbo (speaking of which, did you know that Mumbo Jumbo is a mandingo name of an idol meant to scare women into submission?!) [you might have noticed that the voice of reason died a lame death and the etymology freak voice entered the scene]...

what on earth was i saying?! right.. fire vs water.. so: when i get the first chance to test the "fireworks" settings of my camera and they go hisss instead of bang and die out in 2 seconds because of the rain and obstruct my photographic activity out there so that i cannot show you back here but humble reproductions of what could have been, i guess we should all agree that my propensity for rambling has reached a new peak today. Thank you, everybody, good night.

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  1. This is not just Mumbo Jumbo. This is a serious field beating activity, with the intensity of a hurricane. And with a lot of talent :-)