Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I went to the circus (see pics below, no mood for story-telling) and was appalled by the crowd of dwarfs yelling and yanking all sorts of colorful and retine piercing sources of rgb lights. Yes, I'm talking about little children with toys that lit up. :P

What i actually had in mind after buying a bunch of optic fibers look-alikes was to poke the kid in front of me with them every time her bunny baloon would occupy my whole horizon and sight down at the arena. fortunately the god of all inflatable rabbits decided his mission on earth was done and decided to take him in bunny heaven, with a slow but i am sure not so painful a death as its life with the jumping brat had been... so he died.. starting with a hissing ear.

So here are some genuine tests made in the darkroom (which is my room, with no lights on) with the psychedelic fibers.. trippy effects, eh? :) .. no photomanipulation.. this is reality in RGB!


  1. I love your pics, the colors, the groovy moods they combine into.. GREAT !
    P.S. Kids deserve to be locked in a dark room for 10 days, for the 'unspoilment'. >:)

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