Monday, November 21, 2005


I've always loved long hair.. I didn't always have short hair, like now - some years ago I used to look quite.. girly, with my long hair.. I was like an elfish forest fairy.. an overweight, oversized, undertall and definitely not fair fairy. When I wanted to look like a school girl I used to wear 2 long braids tied with ribbons, and bangs on the forehead. Sometimes I wore it in a ponytail, but most of the times I just let it loose, flowing, fluttering and dancing in the breeze, like a host of golden daffodils, like a wave of copper silk, making traffic stop when the sun came out.. But some 3 years ago I just got sick of all the Wella and Taft mush. And I cut it short and dyed it black.

Ok.. happy days until by accident (my aunt had a bad scissors day) I realised that my favorite haircut implies uneven locks, hairgel and some electricity. In one word, spikes
Ok, not really like that, but you get the idea. I wanted not to have to worry about it anymore and be able to get out of the shower, shake like a wet dog and comb it with the towel. The hair, not the dog. I lived in approximate bliss until my aunt declared herself not capable of re-making that same mistake again with my hair.

And this is the begining of my saga... [enter me, with a horrible hair day - someone start the moricone tape] - the quest for the hairdresser/"stylist" who will be wise enough to rediscover that immemorial secret: my spikes.

So my mom tells me "go to this nice lady at the local beauty parlour, who made me look like a hedgehog with a perm" (so I added some stuff here.. it's for visual strength) "and ask her to do your hair". And me, in my immense reverence and obeisance regarding the advice of our elders, I stupidly went.

And now I grieve. Because the lady (very nice, I have to give her that), had no idea how to follow instructions and now I am a hybrid between the Bangles, Tina Turner and a loving octopus . All I ever wanted were some freakin spikes! turned on the outside , not on the inside, woman!. And now we must part, for I must grieve. In the bathroom, with a razorblade in my hand... and loads of hair mousse, gel, and hairspray. Wish me luck. [exit fairy stage left]


  1. Fingers crossed!!! Or spiked :-)

  2. Let us see some "after" photos!

  3. Hell, no! Besides, I am not leaving the house until it grows back. >:P

  4. E mai bine acum, la lumina zilei?

  5. s-a facut zi deja?? de aici, de sub piatra mea, nu se vede..

  6. that feels bad, i never cared about how my hair look like, but for girls am sure it is different.
    now i have to say my famouse words again, it is you who gives a hair cut it's charm not the otherway round, we will always like you the sameway even if you are bold.

  7. heh.. thanx, Gee, you are always sweet. And speaking of hair.. I noticed you are following a ..hippy trend lately :P

  8. am not following anything, when it comes to hair i just do not care (it rhyms)
    it keeps growing back again, but since i moved to the new place (last year) and i cannot seem to fins time to look for a new barber, and whenever i get the chance he's either: Expensive, Gay, far, dirty, too cheap, sometimes all.

    but on friday i have an appointment with a hairstylist, she offered a hair cut, at a friend's place.

  9. You may get out of the hideout, it's night again; just in case that stone of yours is not transparent :-)

  10. Can't be that bad.
    It's just a matter of getting used with your new look.

    PS: You can post some photos too :P

  11. Hair? Did you cut your hai?
    I still cant look araound C...