Saturday, November 12, 2005

The ground beneath her feet

The circle is almost complete (thanks, I., for the tip, I'll start my noble quest for it), because it's mine, finally mine!!

This book has a long story.. I first started to read it 3 years ago, at the time when I was finishing college... and together with it the yearly subscription at the British Council in Bucharest. And the last books I happened to borrow were "Midnight's Children" and "The Ground Beneath Her Feet". I devoured in a couple of days the first one, I did not breathe, I did not sleep, I absolutely fell in love with that book. And then, 2-3 days before I had to return the books, i started the other one too. I could only read one fifth or something of it, and since I was a fresh graduate and even fresher unemployed, I thought I'd not renew my library subscription before my first paycheck (between you and me, I still haven't - I learned to read directly from the monitor lately and I developed in the past years a crave to have books..) ... so I sighed not knowing how Vina's life turned out with or without Ormus, until last year, when I accidentally found it in a bookstore in Budapest. And seized it with my whole being.

Two months later I left it at somebody's place. I had barely begun to read it. I have not seen it since. But now it's mine again.. all mine, my precious.. (incidentally coming from the same bookshop in Budapest :)) Just to let you know, I'm never giving or lending books again. Don't even bother asking.


  1. Little raindrops falling from Heaven,
    Giving and taking Life,
    Forming perfect Circles,
    Here, on Earth.