Friday, November 04, 2005

Feeling down?

..Maybe a bit lonely out there on the web? No one commenting your blog lately? friends have bigger better more popular personal web pages? Don't fret, no sweat ...

You just need a good demotivator to finally quit.. or to finally pull yourself together and decide not to give a crap anymore.

(c) the nonist

or maybe you really want to make a statement

(c) onehorseshy .. with personal edits

god.. i need to cut the crap on this blog.. nobody will come visit anymore.. i'll become ostracized from the blogosphere ... ah.. the shame of it..

(c) reality check via Kit


  1. Sa stii ca eu dau pe aici zilnic! ;)

  2. Aaaa ... si apropos ... cine sa mai comenteze pe aici, cand toti sunt redirectionati pe Flikr! Am vazut ca acolo comenteaza lumea ... ;)

  3. cine ce redirectioneaza? :) asta-i casa mea :)

  4. Yeah, I feel pressure to write... although most times it's not anything but my own rambling thoughts. I wonder if my tiny handful of readers will eventually give up if I don't update frequently. But I'm gonna bet on quality over quantity.

    Am I blogging in your blog? :-P

  5. yes, please :D.

    it's easier to soliloquize when you know someone's listening.

  6. da' chiar... cine a zis ca nu trece pe aici din cand in cand? Si chiar pe la flickr? :)

    c'mon people... de cand kit a scos-o pe aia cu blog depression parca incep sa o vad peste tot :)

  7. e normal, daca trage cineva de coada sirenei.. de alarma.. sa constientizam in bloc pericolele care ne pasc, ca doar nu suntem de fier nici noi, bloggeri, ce dumnezeu? .. asemenea crize pot fi preintampinate doar prin sticking together.. :P

    and i did give him credit for it :)

  8. Zeeny, cheer up sweetie pie, I visit you at least once every 2 days :) Next time leave some "turceasca" by the door for me...with 2 sugars and "caimac" :) I've been absent as of late because I've been sick with the flu and my patience and attention span are almost non-existent...what was I saying ?????

  9. god... i also need to cut down the histrionic act.. nobody can tell when i'm joking anymore!! :))

  10. There's nothing wrong to be a drama queen now and then :) "It's your blog and you can cry if you want to..." (humming along the song) :)