Saturday, November 12, 2005

fabric close-up (it's NOT wallpaper :P ).. it actually looks like this

later edit: since all my visitors at the playground are men, with one great exception (hi there ;) ), I am asking them to ignore the jewelry, shoes and silk photos, definitely of no interest for a man, at least in still life constructions, and kindly asking them to revert to the other... what are you guys doing here anyway?! :P

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  1. That's not true. I'm male and like fabrics and fashion. Especially silk and pearls. - I have an obsession with les cravattes ;) (Does that make me less of a man?)

    The embroidery on your Chinese dress looks quite refined. If you like old fabrics and Chinese embroidery, you shouldn't miss le Musée Guimet if you ever visit Paris.

    I could go on talking about the themes of Chinese embroidery for ages. But I'll refrain myself and will only add that the phoenix is beyond yin & yang.