Monday, November 07, 2005

at the flickies

This weekend has not been a total waste of time, surprisingly... they usually are. And that was because I found a new way of avoiding my life… by watching others’ :)... i.e. I went at the movies :D!

Actually I found out by chance that for more than a week Bucharest will host the French Film Festival – well, actually I have seen the cocky mascot everywhere, but my defense system usually rejects huge poultry images hanging on buildings… So, I was saying that on Saturday morning I got up at 8 a.m. (despite my better judgment and good will) and looked in the programme... it sounded quite interesting... Lettre d’amour zoulou... So I went. And wished I hadn’t. The film was spoken in English and Zulu, subtitles were in French and in Romanian (since they did not fit on the screen, the latter were projected lower, on the wall, and occasionally on the floor :) Not worth it. I don’t even remember the plot... all I remember is that the deaf girlie in the supporting role was usually dancing in front of the mirror or when her grandma was singing … :-| I had no idea deaf people can even imagine music... let alone try and coordinate the body to it... however imaginary it be.

But one bad cinematographic experience was not enough. After the matinee, I thought I’d occupy my evening too... this time with a French movie, which also sounded interesting (note to self: stop judging movies by posters and titles!) : Rois et reine. I have no idea what it was about because I fell asleep in the monotonous mumble of two Englishmen behind me who were enjoying themselves learning some new words in Romanian (from the subtitles) - I think I yielded to Hypnos right after the vocabulary lesson had reached “bleeding diarrhea”. I woke up hoping I had slept thoughout the biggest part, but my luck was that it lasted 2,5 long and painful hours. Don’t ask me why I did not leave. I guess I was like a prairie rodent in front of the snake… stupefied. I did notice though (it’s a conclusion drawn from those 2 movies only) that cinema productions outside the American continent do not use actresses with beautiful breasts. Not even “nice” for that matter. And have long forgotten the advantages –esthetically speaking – of wearing a bra. Apart from this insightful remark, I can only say that despite the fact that they were also pretty ugly (read “normal-looking people”) , the 2 leading actresses were quite good.

On Sunday I persevered in my quest for enjoyment and I went – again, in the evening – to see la Marche de l’Empereur – the french version. Rarely have I seen a documentary film so artistically conceived. The images are amazing, the plot is beautiful (there is a plot, there is no scientific data) the actors are not one or two but a whole colony of emperor penguins, and I don’t give a damn if there are people who raise their voices agains this film because it attaches human emotions to bird behaviour, but I saw two penguins making love there. :) For such opinions and other flamebait, check out imdb comments.

So… what should I see tonight?..

edit: nothing interesting today. will have to make do with personal video library..


  1. So was there spankin' and stuff? "who's your penguin daddy" ?


  2. yeah.. the problem existed indeed.. you try and find your penguin daddy in a black tie party like that, especially if you're small and lost :P

  3. Small and lost? lot of males around? Sounds like group love to me ("gangbang" is just too judgemental).

  4. fyi, they are monogamous.. well.. once a year that is :))

  5. Really?! Well. Guess my life is not so bad after all :)

  6. not so bad as in.. "i'm so glad i'm not a penguin that spends half a year holding an egg on its toes in exclusive male company at -60 C? "

    or as in "i'm so glad i'm not alone in this cruel monogamous world?" :)) :P

  7. I suppose that you saw the movies at "Elvira Popescu". It's a french atmosphere around there...probably because of the proximity with IFB. Not at last, it's the only cinema where the movies are projected over people's heads and you can see the subtitles on people's shoulders :D
    I will take a tour over there these days too.

  8. haha :)) nope. haven't been there in.. 10 years or so (ever since i was studying french on a regular basis)

  9. Then it's "Studio" and this is my final attempt to guess :)