Friday, October 28, 2005

the sweetest thing today

sights and sounds. of longevity.


  1. Hey C! :x
    Wow, I love your pics!!
    Look at ine when you can ok? I'm starting this today :-)
    Take care honey :x


  2. Bruno! :D I'm so glad you dropped by! :) I missed you, you know? Hope everything's fine

  3. So do you think it's possible to begin to live like those people if you have not come from that kind of background initially? I guess if someone wants to change, it is possible. But it also seems like you have to try and unlearn much of what you already know (going on the premise that you do not come from one of the types of cultures mentioned in that presentation).

    I understand that no one lives forever, but I think it's when the body and mind go into a slow degeneration, requiring endless visits to doctors, taking all kinds of synthetic "medicines" to try and ward off one symptom or another, that worries me. I don't want to end up like that.

    In case they didn't tell you, Western medicine isn't really designed to cure you of anything; it's more to mask the underlying cause and simply put a band-aid on the reaction.

    How closely do you think your life resembles the lifestyles mentioned in the presentation?

  4. My greatest fear some time ago was to die 'of old age', but by that I was thinking of all the misery the human body suffers after a certain period, in most of the people. I did not want to end up decrepit and moth-eaten like some sort of living puppet in the care of ... god-knows-who.

    Well, recently I have begun to leave aside such thoughts. I am slowly changing my lifestyle. It's not easy, especially since the people around seem to be the greatest problem (I'm not going into details of how my mom reacts when I just won't take any medicine.. in case of ..anything). I guess it takes an open mind and lots of patience. A wide smile (even if fake at first, it will finally grow on you) and trying to take everything a l'aise (i'm still working on this.)