Saturday, October 29, 2005

the pawn is secretly in love with the white queen ... will he make his move on her?!


  1. I'd say the pawn should check himself over first. He could always stop by the castle and talk it over with the bishop first.

    More than likely, though, the queen will abandon her king, who is doomed to moving only one space at a time (even less than the lowly pawn, who, at this very moment, is confessing his love to the bishop). No, the brave knight is much more the queen's taste.


  2. It's a good thing Anderson did not think like you, or else we would've never had the story of the tin soldier and the paper ballerina.

    or Shrek, for that matter. Not that it has anything to do with Anderson :P

  3. Another lie from the pawns of anger
    Midnight sons of death
    They ring the bells of darkness
    Breath the burning air...
    so go ahead and kneel or bow
    I will choses to stand
    Until the end
    Until the end...

    There's blood on the walls
    A mask in the hall
    A killer in your midst
    Pray he does not wake
    Before the dawn

  4. Of course, he will. No one spares the queen unless they are a step away in m8ting her "companion", the queen becomes useless then, allthough the guard upon her remains.