Monday, October 31, 2005

Not "zee" Cross on Caraiman peak, but a cross for different kind of heroes. Who knows now if they died from lack of practical trekking knowledge or maybe from too much love for the mountain? This one is just the beginning. Looking down, past it, in the abyss, it's like looking into a limbo...

Anyway.. changing the topic a little bit, you really can't have a nice quiet place to feel good and not get angry with anything. While sipping a cup of hot chocolate and resting our eyes and souls on this view, we had the unwanted pleasure of witnessing a circus number.
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Now.. may I wish.. no! .. may I assume that, if the 'what you give you shall receive' rule works fair, this guy;s funeral stone will be trampled by another half-wit imbecile just like him?

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