Friday, October 28, 2005


That is the name of the book fair open in Dalles Hall until the 6th Nov... I think. Roughly translating as "bargain", a "kilipir" it ain't. The only books which had fair prices were those nobody would actually buy - body language for business men, feng shui for the office desk, the book of self-respect, synergology -wtf?! (refering, in case someone doubted, to the techniques leading from body language to the ability to read other people's thoughts) and "i want to grow thin and never gain weight again!!"

edit: note - I have just done a bit of research. I stand rebuked! These are not the books nobody ever buys. These are the books lots of people buy. I apologize to the organizers of the fair of thinking bad thoughts about them and imagining they were only trying to rip me off. They were actually doing a humanitarian thing for a more harmonious, synergetic, psychic, bulimic, obese yet bodily eloquent world.

So, after an hour's aimless wanderings, here's today booty:

I am so glad I found Michel Tournier's Gemini (Les Meteores in original). I strongly recommend this guy to anyone. Well, almost anyone. He does not write about synergology but his characters have some hell of a self respect and the guy knows how to play with thoughts. His, and yours. Try short prose and The Ogre (Le Roi des Aulnes). You'll be horrifyingly thrilled.

I'm also glad I found another little book of Mircea Cartarescu - Travesti (Ro. link) I'm not gonna say anything about him since I think I already posted some musings about him at the beginnings of this blog. If not (I'll check), maybe I'll revise it and translate it.. just for the sake of translating it.. and for my 1 not Romanian-speaking reader :)) (well, 3, but who's counting?)

The other 2 books were bought as experiments. Never before read, but with very good credentials (from what I've heard), Mario Vargas Llosa and Ernesto Sabato. What?! I'm a sucker for Latin American writers...

And the coup de grace.. (this one's for you, Gee) lo and behold! - I found Oum Kalthoum

I'm happy with today's loot. Rich and tasty. Excuse me while I indulge meself in some fine mind enchantment.


  1. Nu pot decat sa-ti urez lectura placuta si sa iti multumesc pentru informatia despre targul de carte. Cu siguranta o sa-l vizitez si eu.
    Nu in ultimul rand, felicitari pentru fotografii.
    La randul meu sunt si eu pasionat de fotografie dar mai am mult pana o sa pot face schimb de experienta in domeniul foto.

    O noapte placuta,

  2. u think u know all your not Romanian-speaking reader? i don't think so

  3. i cannot read the title on those CDs, which ones you got?

  4. One is the soundtrack from the movie "Sallama" and the other one is "Hadeeth al Rouh". Now don't you tell me I should've taken something else. I like them. (and I had to choose from about 9 or 10.. I could not take them all.. :( )

  5. my favorite is (hayart albi)
    Hadeeth al rouh is a difficult one, i wonder if you gonna like it, it got lots of complicated musical and vocal technics