Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I don't like Wednesdays (nor Mondays, for that matter)

At 26 y/o , Eliade was presenting his PhD dissertation in philosophy, after having spent 4 years in India.

At 26 y/o, having blown my chance of studying in India, a long time ago, I am browsing „The Sacred and the Profane”and I feel myself entering a career menopausal period, paraphrasing the wiser words of our betters. Not that I give a flying on my „career”, but here is your typical employee of the central administration, behind the computer screen, indifferent look behind glasses (my eyes hurt lately.. guess i should get the hell outta here and have a bloody life) with eyes pointing at you with the friendliness of a glacier and looking as if all the weight of the world is hanging from the corners of her lips.. and eyes… staring into books she did not write, at people she never met, like the old maid reading the gossip column and commenting real lives .. picture her at 73, 49 or 26 – the different faces of utter boredom. My colleagues are discussing the different flavors and consistency of the new rice and milk delices out on the market… have another sip of tea and keep reading.. Not you.. I'm talking to myself.

I think I’m meteo-dependant. It’s raining again. Hope that explains it. I guess some days are diamonds, some days are stones..


  1. just take care of your eyes!!! such a pitty to loose them

  2. yeah, well... the last thing that was on my mind, but thanx, anywayz :)

  3. diamonds are stones too ya know ;)

  4. Iulius Caesar statea si plangea, la varsta de 23 de ani, in fata statuii lui Alexandru Macedon dintr-un oras din Spania. De ce plangea? Pentru ca Alexandru stapanea lumea la 23 de ani ai sai, iar el nu stapanea nimic in afara calului sau. Stim cu totii unde a ajuns Caesar... asa ca...