Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Att /o all ye, merry gentlemen

Do not believe the rumours of the tie that hurts when you wear it. It is an urban myth busted by yours truly today. Not only did it give a comfortable sleek feeling, but it also seemed to attract the eyes. Of women. It can't have been the cleavage.. can it??


  1. Whaat? What did I do?! You started it in the first place. I'm a mere tool for myth-debunking.

  2. Oh sorry... I just noticed that there were words under the picture :-P


  3. *takes glass of cold water and throws it on Eddie
    :-P :))

  4. :-(

    Did you throw a drink in my face and storm out? Does water count as a "drink"?

  5. awww... *takes a napkin and hands it to Eddie .. I didn't storm out.. Do you want me to e-mail you the rest of the picture? :P >:) ... I mean the head!! ;-)

  6. Well, I've been sitting at the computer for 3 days and 3 nights now, repeatedly hitting the "New Mail' button in my mail program, but nothing has arrived :-(

    How long can yogurt stay open and at room temperature before it goes bad? Guess I'll go change my clothes and eat something...

    ... is it still October?


  7. i hate to burst your bubble (don't know why i grew so fond of this expression), but that was actually it.. nothing more.. no crop, no nothing..

    no mail? how about my "happy birthday" cards?? :P short memory kicks in already?

  8. Yes, thank you for those... very sweet of you :-D