Friday, September 09, 2005

my precious

self explanatory


  1. Finally, a photo of the paintbrush that's been giving me such intriguing and often haunting images to look at these last several months ;-)

  2. actually, it's my brand new friend.. i've renounced, cold-heartedly and empty-piggy bank..edly the old and faithful canon A60 :)

  3. ma gandeam io ca e posibil ca raspunsul meu sa nu ajunga la tine, sau sa nu ajunga la timp. dar nu-imi inchipuiam ca esti asa rapida. sau impulsiva. la mine dureaza ceva mai mult de la "note to self" si pana la pus in fapta.

    acum ma simt nevoit sa dreg borsul, si sa te felicit pentru noua achizitie, care, oricat de jucarie ar fi, e o jucarie faina (imi inchipui) si in mod cert un pas inainte.

    linkurile catre "focus lock" raman valide.

    happy shooting, sporuri, numa`bine, alea alea...

  4. darn.. ah, well.. am raspuns, for all that matters now

  5. borsul, busuiocul... ce mi-e una ce mi-e alta...
    bine ca l-am dres.

    photography is a wicked place. if you spend too much time in here... it does... things to your mind.

    bubbles, bubbles, bubbles !!!

    see what i mean ?

  6. it took me a very long time to read that, but well i didn't understand a thing because it is not english :)

  7. Thanks Zeeny, beautiful pictures !
    Interesting ... I have some blog too at this blogger.
    Congratulaions !