Thursday, September 29, 2005

wishing my karma could run over your dogma

... 5 p.m. creeping furtively out of the office (programme ends at 4.30, so shush.) when some co-worker approaches me with a topic-less question. Instead of saying I don't know I stupidly play along. Conversation drags for a couple of steps until he suddenly asks me (I obviously did not cooperate) if I am somehow connected to some aliens through the wires hanging all over me. I blink with an idiotic look on my face (otherwise quite expressive, as i've been told) and then it hits me: the earphones of my music-producing reality-switching off device hung loosely from under my collar. Don't get angry, he is just joking (good old guardian angie).. Sure he is.. poke! (there he is, the red counterpart, steaming hot on the other shoulder ) No he isn't joking, he could not recognize a joke if you slapped him in the face with a shitload of clowns and what was funny about it when you were 14 and dad made you take private English lessons all summer with this dry gherkin, who is now patronizing you and thinking that was oh so spiritual.

Ok, my all day-long cultivated peace and wellaxation is bloody gone, what can you do? Yes, some repeated listening of Schottische Fran Havero, curtesy of Loreena, when I get hijacked by another co-worker (and unfortunate neighbour). The kind of girl who cares a lot. About herself. Did I tell how fun it was on vacation at....? no, i am sure you will. she did. with extensive details. How's your mom? Annoying me. At least at her I can yell. And your dad? You work in the same department with him and you're asking me? I see him 20 minutes per day.

I should say something... how's your... ..... cat? Of all the bad ideas!...... 10 minutes of cat photos (from her cell phone) and i don't even like cats. :-| ... and my fiance this and that and our vacation and ...darn . i feel my energies leaking down the drain as my temperature rises at a steady pace and I can't stop this... the peak of the moment: i get to blow some steam at home. And now my house is a bloody sauna.

I honest to god want not to keep sending bad messages, but people are so plain stupid and annoying they are begging for it. They finally get it... but my karma is all like Swiss cheese now and cold wind blows through the holes. And it's all the cat's fault. :(

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

blowing my own trumpet.. err.. candles

Sunday, September 25, 2005

deserted flooded cobweb

pending pendants. ................ newsflash: we still revolve around the sun! i saw it 2 minutes ago. i confess i had my doubts after this week...

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Heaven must be missin' a plumber.... 'sbeen raining for a whole week now

Fibonacci spiral

Croatia part 2 - a photoblog

God of Wind blowing clouds away from pagoda

mach 3

ship ahoy!

bellevue point

safe in the harbor

the colors before the storm

showering palmtree

sieving light

under the spotlights.. at the operetta

Luring Lorelei

Dented wall and light for the soul

snorkeling in Krk Isl.

lunar view

house of the clouds

as some might put it, "life"

eye to eye contact

again, over bread crumbs.

vino bjelo, vino crno

the blue lagoon

I'm overcoming gravity
It's easy when you're sad to be
It's easy when you're sad, sad like me

find the odd one out

me: small, red and upside down :))

short-term memory losing fish

The last crumbling mountain.. before the seashore

Air, rock, land, water.. and some fire in the sky

The amazing world of Plitvicka Jezera

Bridge over .. not so troubled water

Cascading wedding cake

Swish, whish, splash

Maelstrom. Bread-crumb provoked


Noisy trotting millipede

Listen to the forest

Zimmer frei. 10 Euro/night off season. Breakfast and sweet flower scents included

Just missed Charon's boat

No more travel for Mr. Gnomy

Birdie summer motel

My, what big ears you've got!

Ingredients: Raindrops, dew and sage. Mix together and arrange into crisp September morning.


Heaven is closed. Come back later.