Monday, August 29, 2005

the eye of the beholder

I find nothing special in being fascinated with eyes. Most people are, I guess. "Mirrors of the soul" they call them. How can anyone not be sucked into the depths of the windows looking back on the innermost corners of someone? Looking someone in the eye is like retracing the visual component that triggers that brain to "see" you. Not planning to go into the physiology of the eye and the tricky qualities of human vision (at least not right now, since i have suddenly lost any mood of writing), this is only to reveal the versatility of the iris under the almighty PS

But what I really enjoy are the reflections! Who is that figure there? Who took the photo? What was in front of you? Extremely good Agatha Christie material - I distinctly remember, although it was more than 10 years ago, a scene from Twin Peaks when special agent Dale Cooper discovers in Laura's pupil on a recording a reflection of a motorcycle belonging to *gasp* James!

Why are there so many eye colors? After the fascination of the deep black ones, looking like wormwholes sucking light and anything else inside, the most beautiful and various I find to be the blue ones.. probably because I am so darn common-sighted that my favorite color is, as it is the case for over 70% of the people, blue.

What colors the eyes is actually melanin , substance of a brownish shade. Eyes with very little melanin reflect light in a different way - that is, producing color blue. There is actually no blue pigmentation in the eye, it's the same phenomenon that causes the sky to be blue.

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